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Crafty Cat

The Kitty Stack Jewelry Mat - Lilac

The Kitty Stack Jewelry Mat - Lilac

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A quartet of cute kitties watch you work!  The Kitty Stack is a large purple jewelry and crafting mat with stitched edges.  The color was specifically chosen as a neutral for while you're crafting, but also to work well in pictures/videos. 


  • Extra-Long 18" ruler with centimeters
  • 3mm-14mm size guide
  • Slightly textured surface to prevent rolling, but smooth enough to prevent catching on pliers/clippers
  • Stitched Edges
  • Anti-Slip Back
  • Adorbs Design

SIZE: 20" x 15"

Keep your crafting fun and joyful with a Crafty Cat mat!  Designed with quality, durability and design in mind.  Made for the professional and hobbiest alike.  

Our mats are perfect for jewelry, beading, crafting, gluing, sewing, school projects, or a REALLY big mouse pad 😋


Why Do We Design Crafting Mats?

There's a big hole in the jewelry & craft industry: our mats.  We're beaders and jewelers, but it was IMPOSSIBLE to find a fun, exciting, non-beige mat.  We wanted something that looked nice for the hours of staring, and could be a beautiful background for social videos.  Something inspirational with a cute pattern.  So when we couldn't find it, we decided to build it!  Our founder has a sweet kitty named Peabody, so of course cats had to be the first design 😺 

*Want a custom mat with your company's logo?  Message us at!


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