About Us

Hi, I'm Kyera!  I started Crafty Cat when I couldn't find the mat I needed for making jewelry.  For years I used the same one - that bright blue one you can find everywhere.  I used it because it wasn't beige, had a larger ruler and was softer than the others.  I tried looking around for another option, but they were disappointing.  

No one realizes we want FUN mats!  We want color, and cuteness, and patterns, and all the holidays!  We want to swap out our mats with our mood, the season, the day of the week.  

I also wanted to tweak a few features to make them more intuitive for jewelers and beaders - like having a large ruler so you can measure out 18" necklaces, and a millimeter size guide (some don't have this).  The stitched edges prevent the fraying that I saw start to happen, and the top is a touch smoother to prevent catching on pliers (that 16" mark on the ruler is so worn out).

AND, they do NOT think about how the mats are used outside of crafting - that's right, I'm talking about Social.  Like it or hate it, it's a powerful tool in the crafters belt.  So our mats end up on social all the time.  We video them, we photograph them, we position them just so, we stare at them through the lens.  Thousands of people might see your mat.  So make sure it looks good!  A fun, well-designed mat can catch more eyeballs than a plain mat, which equals more sales for YOU. 


So, Crafty Cat was born!  With a little inspiration from my real-life Familiar, Miss Peabody, I designed the first batch of mats.  

The most important part of this is helping YOU with your craft, whether it's professional or as a hobby.  If you have any feedback, good or bad, send it to me.  Message me at hello@craftycatstore.com or through Instagram.  I'm always open to tweaking the designs, and any suggestions for future designs are welcome!

Cheers to all of the work you do on these mats, you deserve the best mat possible!